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spaceHave you ever been driving, biking, or walking through a great neighborhood and discovered a great location with a not so great home that had a ton of potential. Of course you have, we all have. In fact many people see these types of properties as urban diamonds in a metropolitan rough. One of our strongest areas of expertise at Regents Renovation related to the residential construction world has and will always be the whole home renovation. Regents Renovation is the premier whole home renovation design build firm in Atlanta. We have recently been recognized by Atlanta Home Improvement magazine with the first and second place awards for the whole home renovation project of the year 2012. This accolade is a testament to Regents ability and experience related to whole home renovation. Renovation projects are intense and when you take on a project as extensive as a whole home renovation you want to know that the team you selected can execute the job to the highest levels of satisfaction. At Regents we let our product speak for itself, because each home renovation at Regents is driven by a relentless quest for craftsmanship, quality and customer focused value. At Regents customer focused value means being an innovative design and construction based resource that yields solutions which are undeniably demonstrated throughout every facet of the project. At Regents Renovation our value proposition is simple. We are and always have been a renovation company, so when it comes to whole home renovation our wealth of experience lets us envision and create outcomes that many of our competitors lack the skill set to match. One of the biggest components of a whole home renovation is space integration and flow, and at Regents we pride ourselves on being able implement these concepts into designing and building a whole home renovation project. Long story short we want every whole home renovation to be a Regents Renovation, and we want to make your project the next we complete. Contact us a today to get started with your free introductory consultation, so we can polish up that diamond in the rough together.



"Excellent job…Installers were great."

-- J. Foti


"Great Job!!!!"

-- S. Shoults




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